Jarl Moe Scam

Jarl moe and his company genecor holdings have scammed millions of pounds from people with his purple program FX

Jarl moe and his company genecor holdings have scammed millions of pounds from people with his purple program FX

Did you have money invested with Jarl Moe? In Genecor Holdings or in the purple program?

I’m sorry to tell you this is scam.

Jarl Moe has taken this money and used it to funds his lifestyle.

The purple program promised great returns from a team of forex traders in Norway but in fact there was no team and Jarl Moe was simple taking the money and buying assets with it.

Who else is involved with Jarl Moe in this scam?

Well Jarl moe has been seen on numerous occasions with Sven-Göran Eriksson both in Cyprus and here in the UK.

Here’s a video of Jarl Moe. Looks so believeable and you may be holding out some hope that your money is OK and that the purple program is just having staffing issues… they’re not Genecor holdings is a scam Jarl Moe has spent your money.


The most important thing to do is to report this.  So far 35 people have reported this to action fraud – http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report_fraud or call 0300 123 2040 by reporting this you do 2 very important things:

1. As more people report this the authorities will get more and more involved, as you can imagine a big ponzi scheme will draw a lot of media attention too so you absolutely report this.

2. When Jarl is brought to justice you will be FAR more likely to get your money back if you have reported the crime. If no one knows Jarl Moe has stoeln your money do not expect Jarl to tell the police! he’ll happily keep your money.

Also once you have reported the crime you will get an incident number you will nee this to be part of the group conference calls and e-mail updates. Without a number to prove you have reported the crime you will not be privvy to the inside info we have. Sorry but Jarl has alreay tried to get access to the info we have so we are simply being careful who we tell.

I’m sure that makes sense to you.

So stop what you’re doing and go report this:

http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report_fraud or call 0300 123 2040

Then contact me 🙂


172 thoughts on “Jarl Moe Scam

  1. neilasher Post author

    Several people have been trying to contact Jarl Moe of Genecor Holdings with questions about his Purple Program FX and Active Trader G10 FX foriegn exchange (forex) investment schemes. As the PurpleSupport service hasn’t been able to help, this is what I’ve discovered –

    P.O. Box 40767, 6307, lamaca, Larnaca, 6307, CYPRUS
    Tel: +357 24 81 51 53
    Fax: +357 24 66 42 27
    Cypriot mobile phone is +357 99 224659
    UK mobile phone is 07769 891592 (International dialing +44 7769 891592)

    (Registration details: http://www.networksolutions.com/whois-search/jarlmoe.com jarl Moe TaxWizards (jar…@gmail.com) P.O. Box 40767 6307 Lamaca, Larnaka, CYPRUS, Tel: +357 24 81 51 53, Fax: +357 24 66 42 27

    The Wizards Limited Group of Companies / TaxWizards / Tax Wizards


    Google+ https://plus.google.com/104063205093937687560
    Jarl Moe is the Founder and President of one of the leading company formation services in Europe. The Taxwizards http://www.taxwizards.eu
    Jarl Moe, borne in Norway and currently resident of Cyprus. Founder of one of the most well know specialist music chains in Norway in the 90’s – HS Records.
    Moved into International Business due to his large network of successful people in the music and other large industries.
    Currently the owner and President of Taxwizards in Cyprus, one of Europes leading tax planning and company formation services companies. Specialist within international taxation and investment strategies. World recognized speaker on tax planning and author of the Trader Taxwizard and ZeroTax.

  2. J

    I am another one that Jarl Moe has taken from. I originally joined genecor holdings around 2-3 years ago.
    Purple program was lunched and my funds got shifted to there.
    I am glade to say that I only have around 10K in there as I was always a bit dubious about the scheme. I have not had any dealings with Tax Wizards but can only imagine anything with him involved is no good.
    Would love to get my funds back and will do all I can to help anyone in the same boat.

    1. neilasher Post author

      we’re all in this together so lets work as a team to put Jarl moe behind bars and get the rest of the genecor holdings and purple program victims their money back

  3. neilasher Post author

    Hi Everybody,

    add your story here so I can add it to the interpol case I’m working on with interpol:


    I’ve also reported this to the serious fraud squad and I advise you to do the same so you are included in any pay outs:


    and also be sure to report jarl moe to the FSA so that you are included in any UK based payouts


    Failure to report Jarl Moe could result in you missing out when he’s brought to justice


    1. Mohan De Silva


      Thank you very much for staring this blog.

      I have invested in all £30,609.00 in the Gnecore and subsequently in the Purpule Program FX (G10) with Jarl Moe and his accomplishes.

      I was introduced to this con man by Win Investing in January 2009 in one of their seminars, now they call them self Wealth Training Company )have changed their name). I am willing to pursue any avenue that is available to us to get these con artist behind bars especially (Jarl Moe & Lin Crawford).

      I also believe Tax Wizard is a Tax scam as well and we should mentioned that too to the authorities as well to get them shut down and people behind it arrested too. Jarl Moe owns and run Tax Wizard so it can not be legitimate.

      I am willing to support everybody on this blog all the way to get our money back and get these conman and woman behind bars and throw away the keys.

      We must not allow these co artists to get away with our hard earned money. Whilst we sweat for our money and them to reap the reward. Must stop them now at all costs.

      Make his activities known to many people as you can post his name and what he is up to in LinkedIn, Tweeter, face book, YouTube, Motely Fool etc, etc. The more people are aware of him and come forward to the authorities the more chance we have getting him behind bars, and stopping people throwing money at him. The sooner we stop him conning people the sooner his income will dry up and better chance we all have catching him up in the act.

      I have reported Jarl Moe and his activities/businesses to UK Serious fraud office, FSA and the Interpol.

      Please be ware Jarl More have many business under different names that he uses to con money out of his investors.

      Neil – Please include me in your case to the Interpol.

      Looking forward to hearing from you all here with the regular updates and next course of action.


      1. neilasher Post author

        Hi Mohan

        sorry to hear that you’ve been scammed by Jarl Moe too.

        I know a number of people who have invested their pensions with Jarl Moe and Genecor Holdings.

        Lin Crawford persuaded a number of people to invest heavily and we have her being investigated now.

        I’ll make sure you are included in all proceedings through the channels we’ve discussed


      2. Mohan De Silva

        If you have been introduced to the thief Jarl Moe through a “Win Investing“ seminar, although recently they have changed their bane to “Wealth Training Company”. Please write to one of their director’s and complain about him. I have written to one of their directors Tatjana – tatjana@wealthtrainingcompany.co.uk. I have had several communications with her and she is saying I am the only one who have complained to them about the thief Jarl Moe. So be sure to complain about him to them and ask them why they have let such a person into their seminars without vetting him so that he can con people. The more people complain to her is the better. When you’re reporting Jarl Moe to the Serious fraud office, FSA and the Interpol etc. don’t forget to mention that you have been introduce to the thief Jarl Moe by “Wealth Training Company”.

    2. Anne rainbow

      Hi, I have also been scammed to the tune of £20,000. After seeing jarl talk at a win investing seminar in 2007, I invested money which I have never seen since. Initially there were reassurance emails, they evolved into threatening emails about going public when I contacted them to retrieve the money, for the last year, no response and no way to contact them. I hope that publicising this prevents others from the same scam.

  4. Lorna Easy

    Hi Neil,
    My name is Lorna.

    We also are currently experiencing difficulties concerning Jarl Moe and the Genecorholdings Ltd/Purple Programfx.com investment.

    We (my husband and I) have participated in the aforementioned companies in good faith having attending one of your seminars in London. We felt that having conducted then whatever due diligence we could, we went ahead. We were pleased at the start of things as communication was good. As a result we referred friends who invested quite large sums of money also.

    To say we are disappointed now is an understatement. We have not been able to get ahold of anyone from Genecorholdings or Purpleprogram as well as trying the umbrella firm Tax Wizards. We have been left without savings which we worked very hard and long to achieve and have lost faith in the integrity and honesty of programs such as these.

    Despite how we feel, we do feel however responsible also to friends that we recommended this investment scheme to. We are therefore only too happy to add our experience to the many other people out there who also have become victims of what now looks very much like a SCAM in an attempt that Jarl Moe is brought to justice and that his schemes are STOPPED and hopefully we can see a return of our money!

    1. neilasher Post author

      Hi Lorna

      Thanks for posting and for sharing your story with us, this website will ensure that jarl moe will not be able to steal from any other people.

      it looks like Lin Crawford is complicit in this as well and so we’re working to get her arrested for fraud in Cyprus.


  5. Roy Larsen

    Hi everyone
    I am in the same boat.. I have try to get money out of purple program fx a year now without result. But I will go to the police in Norway now and see
    How we can stop him and hopefully try to get back money to all unlucky investors

      1. SEAMUS NASH

        Hi there so glad I read this.
        I was just about to invest 20k euros into a company called LOOPIUM. I met this guy Jarl down in KUTA in BALI in november and I have to say he was pretty convincing. The only thing that let him down was I asked what kind of a return could I expect from my investment and he promised 30% on all net sales which he negotiated with the current directors…that I never met.
        The percentage was huge to start with so I smelled a rat straight away.
        Anyway he resides in KUTA BALI and his number is + 35799224659.
        Hope you catch the son of a bitch.

        1. neilasher Post author

          Hi Seamus, yes we have intel that Jarl moe and Kristian Helgesen are working on a new scam loopium.

          I have passed on all the information to interpol who are dealing with this case now.

          Jarl has an arrest warrant issued for him in the UK after he failed to show up for his case.


  6. Keith

    I saw Jarl Moe present at a Win Investing seminar in London, I did some due dilligence, even consulted a professional IFA who said they had also invested with Genecor, so it seemed legit. I invested with Genecor, later Purple Program €32,000 in all, which I converted from stocks as they were performing poorly and Forex seemed a strong alternative and Jarl Moe had made a compelling pitch. At one point he even encouraged people to use it for their entire retirement plan – he has no scruples whatsoever.

    1. neilasher Post author

      Hi Keith

      sorry to hear that you’ve been scammed by Jarl Moe too.

      I know a number of people who have invested their pensions with Jarl Moe and Genecor Holdings.

      Lin Crawford persuaded a number of people to invest heavily and we have her being investigated now.


  7. JAMES

    I have also been scammed by Jarl Moe and his group of criminals so I will be very pleased to assist in getting them all put behind bars hopefully for a very long time where they belong. I will post some additional information in due course that may assist the cause.

    1. neilasher Post author

      Hi James, thanks for getting in touch. we’re amassing a lot of intel behind the scenes so do e-mail me directly too, Jarl moe will be brought to justice.

  8. Pamela

    Hi everyone
    Myself and husband first came across Jarl Moe at a WIN investing seminar in London approx 2008. Like others we invested quite a large part of our savings with him and have had no success with trying to contact genecor holdings or purple program during the last six months.

    1. neilasher Post author

      Hi Pamela

      Sorry to hear that Jarl Moe has scammed you 🙁

      Be sure to report this Pamela as without it being reported you may miss out on the payout when we take Jarl to court.


  9. Russ

    Hi everyone,
    Seems as though Jarl Moe has lied and cheated his way into gaining our confidence, first of all with Genecor and Tax Wizards, then with Purple FX, all of which have turned out to be avenues to support his criminal enterprise.
    I invested around £10K some three years ago and watched as it appeared to be making a reasonable return, with the promise of greater returns as time went on.
    I guess it’s easy to beat yourself up once you realise that you have been ‘conned’, but that has never been my way. People like Jarl Moe are incredibly skillfull at their ‘craft’ and use this skill to take advantage of your honesty and in this case mine too.
    I am very encouraged to see a group like this forming, not so that we can mourn and moan together, but, so that we can get together and ‘flex’ !!!
    My intention is to provide the authorities with all the info they need to track and catch up with Jarl Moe and all others who have been complicit in the deceit that was Genecor, Tax Wizards, PurpleFx etc etc. That way we stand a chance of some recovery however slim it may be, but we also gain some satisfaction from the knowledge that the man behind the ‘Con’ who has spent our money as if it were his own, has to pay. I suspect he will have to pay with the loss of his liberty.
    Thanks Neil for starting the process and providing this platform!!

    Best Regards, Russ.

    1. neilasher Post author

      Hi Russ,

      Yep no good spending any time at all beating yourself up, Jarl Moe is a conman, there are 10,000’s of ethical investments like this but Jarl Moe and Genecor holdings have scammed us.

      Russ be sure to report this to the authorities as detailed above so your details are added to the growing list the authorities have.


  10. Steven

    Hi Neil, thanks for getting in touch, I was recommend to Genecor by my IFA, he and his clients had also invested. I initially investment £5K to test the water and when the returns where coming in based on their information from their website I increased my stake to £15K. Having been conned on 3 occasions to investments of a similar nature, I have learnt some valuable life lessons, my nature is to trust people, but this whole experience has left me very distrusting of the financial industry.

    The last communication I had was on the 5th November from Lin Crawford stating that she had moved onto a new project within the company but from speaking to the support team 10th November was the date for the returns on the purple programme, since then I have emailed, phone and spoken to the Jane at the Tax Wizards and still nothing. I have logged a case with the European Consumer reference number is 134812, tel number 0845 6040503, ask for Laura. The European Consumer office in Cyprus would make 3 attempts to communication with Genecor and then report back, they aren’t very fast at moving and struggle for resources and thus not heard anything back as yet.


    1. neilasher Post author

      Hi Steve

      Sorry to hear Jarl Moe has stolen your money, as long as we work as a team we’ll get Jarl Moe put away and our money returned.

      Lin Crawford is currently being investigated as we believe she is complicit in this.

      Steve be sure to report this to the three authorities above as they are better funded than the one you reference in Cyprus


  11. Doreen

    I have also been SCAMMED by Jarl Moe. The sooner he is brought to justice and our monies are returned the better, he is an evil crook who should be locked up.

    The purple program is nothing more than a scam.


    1. neilasher Post author

      Hi Doreen, you are right Jarl is a conman and a crook but rest assured he will be brought to justice, I am working tirelessly to investigate and build a solid case against Jarl and so your first job is to report to the agencies listed above.


  12. Nigel

    Yes I am yet another apparently scammed by this man, albeit not directly but through another investor who was adamant it was a properly constituted investment house. Now we all know better! I will be reporting this to the FSA and Interpol as suggested. My contact has a meeting with a major investor (who may possibly already be on this website) this Thursday who was planning to fly to Cyprus prior to Christmas. I will ask that he be notified of your endeavours so that we can all effectively work together to get some form of justice.

      1. Nigel

        Neil, I have asked my osteopath (who introduced Genecor to me) for details of his contact, Douglas, who is a major investor and who was planning a Cyprus trip.

        I have also established that there is a group of 13 or so on the forum thisismoney who are looking to take acting again Jarl Moe. I have emailed two of them to ask if they are in contact with you as we will all be stronger together, do you agree?

        I have also registered the fraud and provided as much detail as I can with the national Fraud Authority through Action Fraud.

        1. neilasher Post author

          Hi Nigel,

          I agree yes, If you are aware of anyone else that Jarl Moe has scammed through Genecor holdings or the purple programe fx then please do put them in touch with me directly.

          When you hear from Douglas let me know

          Best wishes


          1. Nigel

            Ok further to our exchange above I have received an email my contact relaying an email from Douglas who had a long conversation with Jarl in early December. As far as I understand Douglas has subsequently become convinced, like us that this is a scam, hence his planned meeting with my osteopath on Thursday. I have asked that I be put in touch.

            The earlier email refers:

            Hi Nigel,

            Here is the info I received from Douglas:

            “* Some months ago a small (unprofessional, as he put it) investor made a complaint to their bank, which cause the bank to make an investigation, which resulted in freezing transactions on their account, until they completed a compliance report, according to bank regulations (Basel II and Basel III laws). This is not a Genecor problem, but a bank issue. Two transactions in particular were blocked: auto trader, and G10’s investment purchase of a currency bond. He had mentioned the currency bond issues on the 8th of October when we spoke. They were given a list of things to do in order to complete the compliance report, which his lawyers in Seychelles and Cyprus have been working on.They have submitted all information required, and are waiting for the bank. He cannot tell how long it will take, 1 week, 1 month, or into the new year. I asked him how the bank could take so long to complete this.

            * Four months ago G10 purchased a currency bond, and this transaction has been completed, and he is just waiting for the bank to complete their end of the compliance report, and open his account. The money is there. He said it sound like a pile of excuses and delay tactics, but he feels like, but his personal opinion is that the banks want to hold on to money as long as they can at the moment. He has a contact who has been trying to take out €15 million, and it is taking time.

            * Aside from this, he has, aside from Genecor, some 3rd party dealings with other consultancies who are trading commodities (gold, sugar, coffee, etc.), and is waiting for €2 million to come in from a completed transaction. The group doesn’t have enough capital at the moment, but he is hoping for this to come through in December. He should be able to lend that money to Genecor so that people can sell shares to people who have requested making a withdrawal.

            * Aside from this, which corresponds to what we were told more than a year ago, and is related to the Forex trading software that you tested around that time, he said that Purple Program acquired Gencor, and has been developing software for the market, which as been in testing for the last year. It has been ten months behind schedule because there were technical issues related to the changes in the currency market, which made the programmers have to rewrite algorithms as the original ones were not working. The software has tested successfully, and should go to the market soon. The are updating the website, and if you have noticed, they have just put an introductory video on the website. The product will generate further profit for Purple Program and its shareholders. In addition, it will be selling for $2,000, but Genecor clients will get a free version, which will be run through a bank system, and can use it if they wish to manage their own trades as a side line to Genecor’s current offering.

            I asked why there has been no communication explanation about these delays, and he said that every week they thought the main issue (the first bullet point) would sort itself out. He said that he was not trying to come up with any excuse for this situation, and the company has decided to open telephone support and live support (I think they used to have this in the very beginning) by 12-13 December. They are now switching servers to get this ready.

            He says this has been extremely stressful for everyone. His employees, the client facing ones and programmers, are all ordinary people, and have been put under stress trying to deal with this. They are emotional, and have been communicating everything to him. He said that he has been blank copied on all correspondence from them. ”

            Sounds like more delaying tactics to me.

            What do you think is the next stage?

            1. neilasher Post author

              Hi Nigel,

              This is a stock e-mail that has been seen by many investors don’t be fooled by it.


  13. Giorgio Plescia

    Hi Neil / fellow scammed,

    Just to add to the list.
    I too have been scammed by Jarl Moe through his Genecor Holdings and Purple Program FX scam. Jarl Moe is a very convincing con artist but he has to be stopped dead in his tracks and put behind bars for a long time.
    I have been trying to get a communication from Purple Program FX and Lin Crawford for about 8 months now with no success! I am glad to hear that you are trying to get Lin Crawford prosecuted in Cyprus, I sincerely hope that we succeed!

    I will also report Jarl Moe and Lin Crawford’s thieving to the authorities above to try and ensure we bring him to justice.

    Here is to a successful prosecution of them both!

    1. neilasher Post author

      Hi Giorgio

      Both Jarl Moe and Lin Crawford are involved with this, lin crawford is under investigation for her role and as you are aware we are moving in on Jarl Moe

      We’ll see them brought to justice for stealing our money


  14. David


    I too have an investment in Genecor/Purple Program. I originally invested in October 2009 on the recomendation of an IFA, who I understood also had an investment with Genecor. Impressed with the initial returns I made a further investment in April 2010. The investment ran smoothly for the first two years, the ROI was credited on time, there was easy communication with Lin Crawford and regular updates. Everything changed with the transfer to the Purple Program. And I’ve heard nothing since with the exception of an email from Lin Crawford on 9 October 2012 in response to my email, advising me they would be sending out updates within 14 days. Of course, despite my further phone calls and emails I’ve heard nothing. This whole situation is very distressing.

    Given the lack of communication and information over the last twelve months it’s clear this is a scam. I’ve today reported this to Action Fraud 0300 123 2040.

    1. neilasher Post author

      Hi David,

      Yes it’s quite clear that Jarl has stolen our money. It is also apparent that Lin Crawford helped with this fraud.

      Well done for reporting this, the more that do the more the police will get involved, I’d say over 300 investors have been scammed by Jarl Moe and Genecor holdings.

      If just 30 of us report then this will be escalated up the chain of command very very quickly. I know already that 17 people have reported this and that the police are already investigating both here in the UK and in Cyprus


    2. John

      David, if you were recommended the investment by an IFA then that’s a whole new aspect to this fraud. I’m no expert, but I would have thought that recommending a high risk unregulated investment over and above the myriad of other regulated investments means that the IFA has to perform a high level of due diligence. The slightest failing on their part would give you an opening to sue the advisor and recoup your money, which would likely be easier than suing Jarl Moe.

      Check their regulation status with the FSA to see if they could give advice on unregulated investments and what the procedure and documenation requirements were – ensure that the FSA knows the investment was fraudulent. Serve the IFA with a subject data access request to get all of the applicable documentation. Launch a complaint.

  15. Joff

    Like so many others, I have tried in vain to get any communication from
    Jarl Moe or Lin Crawford. The Purple Program and Genecor Holdings have
    effectively disappeared off the planet and our investment with them.

    LIke Neil, I’d happily pay UK tax on my investment and welcome any
    investigation so that the truth about Jarl Moe gets into the public domain.

    I never did set up an IBC with Tax Wizards as I saw the investment as
    long term.

    I’m happy to help in any way to bring Jarl and his team to justice.

  16. Tracy

    I also invested £3000 after a friend who had invested money told me about the scheme. So glad I did not put more in but would still love to get my money back. Lin up until about 3 months ago did respond to my emails. I tried to get my investment back but of course I was just told each time that my money was tied up that month!!! would like to make sure this does not happen to others.

    1. neilasher Post author

      Hi Tracy,

      Be sure to report this using the links above, the more people that report the more the authorities will get involved


  17. natasha biard

    Well people, seems like we have all got caught up in this ugly web of lies woven by the famous Jarl Moe. I can tell you that he is in Norway staying in a place called Larvik. Will forward anymore information I get asap. Have also reported him to the FSA and norwegien goverment. Do not believe his lies about repaying anyone as his intentions are to disappear.

  18. Bart

    Hi Neil,

    I also invested in the Genecor Holding fx trading platform in 2009 after the Win Investing seminar where Jarl Moe was one of the speakers.
    I invested in January 2009 £5461.25 and in August 2009 another £10215.74. In total £15676.99. I wanted my money to be invested the fx trading platform. I didn’t want it to be transferred to any other program, however I hadn’t been given any choice and my money as I was informed by Lin Crawford was transferred to the Purple program. Once that happened they changed the website from http://www.gencorholding.com to http://www.purpleprogramfx.com which is still up as of Jan 2013. The communication and the newsletters they used to send stopped so I emailed Lin Crawford last year asking for any information. The last contact I had with her was in June 2012 when she assured me all is well. I’m attaching the email from her below.
    I’d like to get my investment back. Please include me in any case against Jarl Moe and Genecor Holdings.



    ———— EMAIL from Lin Crawford ———————–

    On 8 Jun 2012, at 12:38, “Lin Crawford” wrote:

    Hi and good afternoon,

    Many thanks for your email regarding your account.

    I am afraid we do not give on-going data on the Active account but please be assured all is well. The only information I currently have on this is that there will be a minimum of 25% ROI when the placement comes to fruition at the end of September / beginning of November. This date will depend on the trades in place at the time the placement is due to finish. We will of course update you nearer to the time.

    Regarding further placements, information will be sent to all clients at the same time.

    I do hope this information has been of assistance to you. However, if you have any further queries or questions regarding your account, please do not hesitate to get back to me.

    Take care, have a good day and a great week end.

    With kind regards
    Lin Crawford
    Genecor Holdings Ltd
    Tel: + 44 – 2030 020 685
    Fax: + 357 – 24 664 227

  19. JAMES

    If we know that he is or was in Latvik, does Interpol have sufficient evidence yet to apprehend him ?

    If not, do we know what they require in order to do so ?

  20. Brendan Beamish

    Dear Neil and others

    I have invested in Genecor and have been with them since May 2009 as an investor. It was initially in the Auto Trader, then the Active Trader and now the G10.

    When Lin Crawford was working as the liaison, all was well. I had good communication and response times were fine. Since she left in October to be “involved with another project”, all communication has died.

    I have tried all sorts of ways to get in touch. I was advised by Lin to email support@purpleprogramfx.com. Sherry Springal at Tax Wizards said that I should call +44 (0) 2030 020685, which is the number I used to get hold of Lin on. I emailed Sherry at Tax Wizards (sherry@thetaxwizards.com) and she said that she would pass on my request to Jarl Moe to get in touch. He did not.

    I have also dealt with Jane Atkinson (jane@thetaxwizards.com) at Tax Wizards. She was dealing with the set up of the necessary IBC in order to have this investment with Genecor and she seems to have done what I have asked of her.

    Does anyone know what the best way forward will be to get our money back. I do not have masses invested with Genecor (about £5000) , but I want to see my money again.

    Feel free to contact me



  21. Brendan Beamish

    As many of you have experienced, I too was introduced to Genecor at a WIN Investment Seminar. This was in about April 2009.

    All went well. I was invested in the Auto Trader, the Active Trader and then G10. As soon as Lin Crawford left to go and attend to “another project”, the communication ceased. It had been pretty good up until that point. Now it is virtually non-existent.

    I have tried emailing support@purpleprogramfx.com, lin@genecorholding.com, sherry@thetaxwizards.com, jane@thetazwizards.com, jarl@jarlmoe.com, and tried calling the office number +44 (0) 2030020685, tried calling Jarl’s numbers +44 (0) 7769891592 and +35799224659. No luck!

    The last time I actually got an response was from Sherry and she said that she had spoken to Jarl and that he would get one of the management team to contact me within 2 working days. That was on 30 November 2012.

    I will register my complaints with the authorities.
    Please keep me posted with any developments. I likewise will keep looking at the latest posts on this blog.

    1. neilasher Post author

      Hi Brendan,

      I’m sorry to hear that Jarl has stolen your money too

      We are in contact with the police both in the UK and Cyprus who are investigating this crime.

      Be sure to report this brendan as it is the best way to get your money back

      Most of the people Jarl has scammed have reported this to action fraud – http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/

      This is a great place to start


  22. Mohan De Silva

    Dear All,

    If you have been introduced to the thief Jarl Moe, please see my comments about Win Investing (Wealth Training Company) on 08/01/2013, and complain to them. I have written to one of their directors Tatjana – tatjana@wealthtrainingcompany.co.uk.

    When you’re reporting Jarl Moe to the Serious fraud office, FSA and the Interpol etc. don’t forget to mention that you have been introduce to the thief Jarl Moe through “Wealth Training Company”.


  23. Frank McGowan

    we invested 120K with genecor and supposedly have over 70K ROI, all of which Jarl Moe refuses to return to us. What action are you taking, maybe we can join forces?

    1. neilasher Post author

      Hi Frank

      your first step is to report this to action fraud, see above for how to do that, then e-mail me your incident reference number and then I can update you 🙂

      speak soon


      1. Frank McGowan

        At time of first investments with Genecor we were in uk. Now we are in Ireland, can we still use ActionFraud website to report the crime.

      2. Frank McGowan

        I have submitted the details to Action Fraud and emailed you also. Look forward to hearing from you.

        Also as I said in one of my email to you Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA) recently informed me that Genecor Holdings LTD has been struck-off the register under section 97 (6).

  24. JAMES

    See the email that I have just received

    Dear James

    Please be advised that access to the website for Purple Program FX has been temporarily suspended whilst we housekeep our database and change servers. During the period that this work is being undertaken we would also like to take this opportunity to update client detail.

    Therefore if your contact details (mailing address or telephone numbers) have changed since signing your Venture Capital Agreement, please inform us by email to arrive no later than the 1ST March 2013 in order that the adjustments can be made before we re-instate the website.

    It is important that this information is correct and that we receive it by the deadline above because it will be used to send out share certificates.

    Kind Regards,

    IT Support,

    Purple Program FX

    Powered by:
    P.O. Box 40767, 6307, Larnaca, Cyprus
    You may unsubscribe or change your contact details at any time.

  25. Ian Goddard


    I have also fallen for Jarl Moes Lies . I invested money back in 2010 and can not seem to contact anyone
    Have reported it to Action Fraud. What else can we do to help try and move this along.

  26. Mohan De Silva

    Yes, I received the same email on 22/02/13 @ 15:48 UK time. May be another one of Jarl Moe’s delaying tactics to keep hold of our money. May be Jarl is trying to send out some worthless share certificates. Interesting to see what’s happens after 1st of March 2013.

    1. neilasher Post author

      This is Jarl delaying and stalling, it is not to be trusted. Jarl is back in Cyprus and could be preparing to abscond with our money. He is now unable to return to the UK as he will be stopped by the police if he tries to enter so it is likely he will try and go to a non EU country.


  27. JAMES

    Neil, thanks for the response and information.

    I look forward to his apprehension along with his accomplices very shortly.


  28. JAMES

    Dear All, please see the latest email from Jarl Moe

    To James May
    Dear James,

    Thank you for your response to our previous email regarding the updating of our database.

    It is important for us to have correct details to ensure professional communication as we enter a new and positive 2013. As part of our development and restructuring, the first focus for the Company is to send you your hard copy share certificate that is on file with us.

    Additionally we are excited about the launch of Purple Program Home Version for the world market that has been developed by our core trader team and partners.

    More key information will be forthcoming over the next few weeks both through email and on the website. Therefore we kindly ask for your patience, understanding and support for us to join forces in a new prosperous year.

    Thank you.


    Purple Program FX

    1. Frank McGowan

      This is what is called a long con, where you are continuously promised something that never materializes.
      We have received the same emails as everyone else.
      I have also reported the matter to action fraud.

  29. Mohan De Silva

    Dear All,

    I am sure Jarl Moe the Con artist and the thief now would have run off with our money and enjoying it somewhere sunny. He has taken the website down and his phone numbers have now been disconnected. I am afraid this is the final nail in the coffin for our money. He may well have already spent our money.

  30. Mohan De Silva

    With Cyprus in financial meltdown this is the ideal time for Jarl Moe to disappear with our money, blaming the Cypriot crisis for it.

    Don’t believe a word this thief says.

    1. Steven

      Hi all, I write this email with great concern that a few emails from Genecor of recent and we’ve all breathed a sigh of relief, our money is safe thank God for that. I can go into denial again for another 12 months and forget that someone has my money, fails to answer questions or even communicate and reassure his clients whilst Cyprus implodes.

      3 months ago, there was emails, texts and people trying in vain to make contact, some with success. A few emails (supposable from Jarl) threatening legal action and all goes quiet. Do we roll over that easy?

      I too was one that when I saw the emails from their support team, I breathed a sigh of relief, however have you received your hardcopy share certificate, and does it really take over a month (22nd Feb) to move to new servers and bring the website back up. I’m in IT and it doesn’t take that long certainly not for a business of this size.

      Today I tried to phone Lin Crawford’s office number and the line was dead………….

      We need to create more momentum start talking and communicating like we did 3 months ago

      Let’s organise a conference call between us and brainstorm ideas on what we can do, I have a conference call bridge and thus happy to setup.

      Maybe we need to think about travelling out there and seeing with our own eyes whether there is an office and confronting this organisation face to face.

      For those of your with a Tax Wizard IBC account have you spoken to Tax Wizards about a withdrawal from Genecor, if they have failed to delivery then have you complained to them asking them why they haven’t managed to extra your money, after all that’s what you are paying them for. Ask for your money back on the IBC and see what response you get back.

      This is a faceless organisation and at this moment as much as it pains me to say this I just cannot see how we are going to get our money back.

      Any responsible person who values his business and clients particularly with all the issues in Cyprus could very easily upload or send an email with a link to a video explaining to his clients that all is well, but nothing. There’s a lot more to this than we’ve had some banking issues, more like we’ve had some banking issues and lost all the money or he’s living of it to support his life style.

      So come on, this is a rally to everyone to start getting angry again, be a rhino and not a cow, rhinos charge ahead whilst cow’s are lead to the slaughter house. What do you want to be?

  31. Mohan De Silva

    I have Received 3 emails from Taxwizards. See below. I told them I have no money to withdraw from my IBC account since Jarl Moe has taken all of my money and keeping it against my will and there must be a law against that? Not surprisingly I have had no reply from Taxwizards since then.

    I have not receive any hard copy of the share certificate; again I feel this is another of Jarl’s bluffs.

    I asked Taxwizrds about getting my money into my IBC account, they say Genecor/Purpule Pogram G10 FX is a separate company to them and they have no responsibility for it. A typical throw back, characteristics of Jarl Moe’s delaying tactics.

    Yes, Steven lets go and get this thief Jarl Moe. Please do set up the bridge for the conference call. I will support you any way I can. Yes, going over to Cyprus and confronting them is another god idea.

    Let’s go and get these thief’s, there are no more than common criminals who robes of people’s hard earned money and devastate their life’s and financial well being.

    I agree, it only takes few days to setup servers, any way if it takes more than one month to setup servers, then any responsible and reasonable company cannot operate and then they will go out of business. Another of Jarl Mor’e lies.

    (1) on 19/03/2013 @ 09:51

    Dear Client
    As you may already be aware, the EU (EuroGroup), as part of a bail-out package to Cyprus, has demanded from the Cyprus Government a contribution by the depositors in Cyprus banks in the form of a levy on deposits as at close of business on 15 March 2013. This measure is unprecedented, unjust and applied for the first time in a European country. It has been proposed to apply 6.75% for deposits up to EUR 100.000 and 9.9% for deposits in excess of EUR 100.000.

    The proposal has not yet been approved by the parliament which will vote later today (Tuesday 19th March) on this issue. If it is approved, the Cyprus Government will offer compensation to depositors who pay this levy, either in the form of banking shares or government bonds.

    It is unclear at present if the type of corporate, non-interest bearing accounts that you as IBC clients hold will be included in this blanket levy. We will of course keep you advised of continuous developments as they become available to us.

    The current situation is that the Central Bank has announced that all banks in Cyprus will be closed until Thursday 21st March.

    Thanks and regards,

    Taxwizards Customer Support
    Tel Office: +357 24815153
    Fax Office: +357 24664227
    Email: customersupport@thetaxwizards.com

    This message is intended only for the individual or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you are not the intended recipient, or the agent responsible for delivering the message to the intended
    recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited, and you are requested to return the original message to the sender.

    (2) 0n 19?03/2013 @11:17

    Latest Development as at 19/3/2013 1300 hrs.

    Cyprus’s revised draft bill for a levy on bank deposits scraps the measure for savings under 20,000 euros but does not compensate for the resulting lost revenue by raising it for the wealthy.

    The draft, seen by Reuters, did not say if the new structure for the levy raises the required 5.8 billion euros ($7.52 billion) European officials have demanded in return for 10 billion euros in aid.

    The bill sets a zero per cent levy on deposits of up to 20,000 euros, a 6.75 per cent rate for amounts between 20,000 and 100,000 euros and maintains a 9.9 per cent tax on all deposits above that level.

    Thanks and regards,

    Taxwizards Customer Support
    Tel Office: +357 24815153
    Fax Office: +357 24664227
    Email: customersupport@thetaxwizards.com

    (3) On 20/03/2013 @ 09:03

    Dear Clients

    The Cyprus parliament last night rejected unanimously the proposition by the Euro Group for the imposition of a levy on deposits. This is a clear indication of the determination of the political parties to defend the economy and the unprecedented ‘attack’ on the banking and financial sector which Cyprus has been facing the last few days.

    Cyprus banks are closed today as well. We will notify you as soon as we have information as to when they will be open. There is also a block on internet banking facilities. They vary from bank to bank, some you cannot log-in at all, others you can log-in and view your balance, but cannot make any payments or transfers.

    We will be monitoring the situation continuously and update you with developments. We want to emphasize that the use of Cyprus in international structures still continues to be highly beneficial in spite of the above ‘efforts’ to hurt the financial model of Cyprus.

    Thanks and regards,

    Taxwizards Customer Support
    Tel Office: +357 24815153
    Fax Office: +357 24664227
    Email: customersupport@thetaxwizards.com

  32. Simon O'Brien

    Hi All,

    I too have been conned by this person and would love to recover my money and see him behind bars.
    I invested £10K in 2009 on advice from a work colleague who I thought knew a lot more about investments than I did. When the colleague did actually withdrawal his money with a healthy profit in in early 2010, I thought every thing was ok so invested a further 15K , so 25K total.
    When it came to withdrawing some funds nearly 18 months ago now, my story goes the same as all of yours. Constantly being fobbed off with one excuse after the next.
    I wil now report the situation as you have advised, but in the mean time if anyone comes up with any other means of trying to catch this thief let me know. I really haven’t got that money to loose now. This man is stealing money but without having to see his victim, which makes it easy for him. He needs to know that his actions are having major affects on peoples lives.

    He needs to be brought to justice!!

  33. Mohan De Silva

    Dear All,

    Please update your Serious Fraud Office case you lodge regarding Jarl Moe & Lin Crawford with any new information you may have, specifically around 3rd week of May 2013.

  34. neilasher Post author

    Jarl moe and his company genecor holdings have scammed millions of pounds from people with his purple program FX Jarl Moe Arrested! On Tuesday the 21st of May 2013 jarl Moe was arrested for fraud. A Big thank you to all the victims who came forward to offer their statements that lead to Jarl’s Arrest.

  35. Mohan De Silva

    Following the arrest of Jarl Moe on 21st May 2013 for serious fraud, if you have been scammed by Jarl Moe in the past or more recently (through Genecor Holdings or Purple Program G10), please send your statement to include how much you hand over to Jarl, the dates, to what bank you send the funds to, to whom you send the funds to, the currency exchange company if used and any paper work you have received from Jarl’s company to DC Sandra Nicole (lead detective) at Charring Cross Major crime unit. Tel. 0207 321 7624 (from UK). You can get her email from ringing this number.

  36. Mohan De Silva

    Doesn’t matter wherever in the world you are if you have been scammed by Jarl Moe in the past or more recently it is very important that you send your statement (see above) to DC Sandra Nicole ASAP

  37. Barry J Cummings

    Hi all, yet another story on Moe and his treachery. Over 150K invested by my wife and I (retirement savings), plus funds I advised my daughter and son-in-law to invest. Happy to do anything I can to help jail this man and his accomplices, particularly Lin Crawford and the others at Tax Wizards. I will be contacting the UK police straight after I post this message, with all the details as requested in the forum above. Glad to hear that someone is able to do something about this, as we had almost given up hope of either having the funds returned or having this thief jailed for his crimes.

  38. Barry J Cummings

    Hi all. Just called UK police on the number given for DC Nicol and she is away on a pre-planned leave but one of her team members supplied the email address for DC Nicol. They were very interested to hear my tale, and asked for all the details to be forwarded to Charing Cross station, but did say that it would be the end of next week before she is back at her desk. The woman I spoke with took some pleasure from telling me how p****d Moe was at being kept in a cell overnight in May, and I told her that, with luck, it was only the first of very many such nights. She said that she thought, in due course, it would be.

  39. Barry J Cummings

    Hi Mohan. Thanks, done both; sent a report to the action fraud site and sent on the CRN to Neil’s site.

  40. Afriend

    I know exactly where Lin Crawford is right now and i do have her contact details. if you wish to discuss this information im sure admin on this site can obtain my email address for you

    1. neilasher Post author

      Thank you for getting in touch and thanks for sharing this info, I have passed it on to the police


  41. Sam

    hello , I have information that proves Jarl Moe is the owner of Genecor and the purple program and is hiding behind nominee directors. I am familiar with his old accountant in Cyprus that he had before the fall out with him. I’d like to help you by passing on this information, please get in touch. Sam

  42. Sam

    also Kristian Helgesen is living with Jarl Moe and is linked to this case, Many people have been scammed by Kristian Helgesen in Norway and he is linked to this ponzi scheme too

  43. Hema Mehta

    Hi Neil.
    Thanks for setting up this site. I have reported to action fraud.
    I hope to get my money back, however i feel that it might be in vain 🙁
    What shall i do woth my crime ref number? Are you collating them?

  44. neilasher Post author

    Please see below, the email we received today from ‘Purple Programme’!!! You’ve probably had this forwarded to you already by one of the others…but just in case you hadn’t! Thanks for all your efforts Neil.

    > Subject: Purple Program Update
    > From: support@purpleprogramfx.com
    > Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2013 09:27:37 +0000
    > It has come to our attention that a Mr. Asher has gotten hold of some of the emails to some of our Purple Member’s and is illegally soliciting and contacting our members. Has he also contacted you?
    > If you have received an email from a Mr. Asher please forward it to support as we have reported Mr. Asher to the police and is preparing a legal case against him for promoting pure lies, blackmail, harassment and deformation.
    > We are sorry about any stress or inconvenience caused if Asher has contacted you trying to deform or staff and company for some agenda of his own.
    > If a person is a venture capital investor in the company spreading wrongful information, or any information about their agreement in the company, they are in breach of the contract and we will immediately close their account and pursue them legally.
    > We are currently making a list of people in breach of their legal agreement.
    > If you know any member that has deformed the company or individuals related to the company in any way please let us know for us to add them to our list and secure your own position with the company.
    > Purple Program has spent large investments; time and efforts to launch one of the most exciting currency robots in the market with continuous testing since August 2010.
    > We believe will be a great sales success and give benefits to our professional and patient shareholders.
    > Non professionals who are deforming the company are in fact putting their own and others shareholding at risk and may be responsible for sabotaging our company and products and do not understand the effects of their actions.
    > Together with our professional shareholders we will together secure the success of our company.
    > Best regards,
    > Purple Program Legal Team

  45. Mohan De Silva

    I replied to Jarl’s original email of 26/08/2013 as follows:

    Mr. Jarl Moe,

    I would like to know when you are going to give my capital and return on
    investment back? I’ve been waiting for return of my capital and return on
    investment since May 2011? I would like to know you have done with my
    hard earned money since May 2011 and why you have not kept us updated with what
    is happening and not retuning my phone calls or emails despite repeated

    Is this another joke Mr. Moe?

    His reply was this:

    A joke and one designed to scare you and keep your money. Whatever you do when you ask for your money back he will come up with a new excuse and designed to keep your hard earned money for himself and to support his lifestyle. Think a man running scared now.

    Dear Mohan

    We understand from our legal team that you are already on our black list.

    It seems that you have been mislead by Mr. Asher to believe that he is
    right when in fact he is not.

    You still have a chance to get off the black list if you withdraw all your
    statements made on blogs/internet and confirm on email what you have
    deleted and where.

    After the removal of the content we will inform you of the next step.

    Until then we can not reply to you or assist you in any way as you are one
    of the few blacklisted individuals.

    We are sorry that you have been misled by a non representative of the
    company and we hope that you will find your way back to support the
    company and your own shareholding and not sabotage for yourself and

    We are sure you are an intelligent person and will do the right thing for


    Tell him that you will come and say hello to him in the police station and visit him in jail when you feel like it.

  46. Mohan De Silva

    To my following reply:

    Mr Jarl Moe,
    >> First return my capital and what you owe me on return on investment all
    >> of
    >> it (what you have stolen form me) then I will consider what you have
    >> requested.
    >> I look forward to seen you at the police station Moe or Mr. Moe as you
    >> call
    >> yourself. It is alleged that you have broken all the laws not me, so I
    >> have
    >> nothing to fear from police or the law.
    >> Please stop continue to lie and insult our intelligence.
    >> Are you now running scared and is this the last ditch attempt to save
    >> yourself Moe?
    >> It is alleged that you have ruin the life’s of thousand of people by
    >> stealing their life savings and hard earned money police is and the law
    >> is
    >> now after you Moe, and you have no where to hide Mr.Moe. What’s goes
    >> around
    >> comes around and don’t forget that Moe.

    I have received the following from Jarl Moe. Trying to blackmail me and quite laughable:

    Dear Mohan
    > Please note that this is not the email to Mr Moe and that you must address
    > support to have your emails answered.
    > We refer to our last email and await your actions, until then you are on
    > the blacklist and no further emails will be answered and your online
    > access suspended.
    > We believe you are an intelligent person and will do the right actions for
    > your best interest.
    > Best,
    > Support

  47. Mohan De Silva

    Dear All,
    Don’t forget to update your Action fraud crime reference with any new information you may have with regards to Jarl Moe and Lin Crawford, especially Lin Crawford’s phone no. Email address, facebook information etc.

  48. Mohan De Silva

    Check this out, Jarl Moe promoting himself. Don’t believe a word this guy says. If you give him any money or invest with him on any of his schemes you will have to kiss goodbye to your hard earned money. You will never see it again. I have personal experience and proof to show that this is ture. This man is a scammer and is currently on police bail for serious fraud.


  49. Mohan De Silva

    Following the arrest of Jarl Moe on 21st May 2013 for serious fraud, if you have been scammed by Jarl Moe in the past or more recently (through Genecor Holdings or Purple Program FX G10), please send your statement to include how much you hand over to Jarl, the dates, to what bank you send the funds to, to whom you send the funds to, the currency exchange company if used and any paper work you may have received from Jarl’s company to DC Sandra Nicole (lead detective) at Charring Cross Major crime unit Tel. 0207 321 7624 (from UK), 0044 207 321 7624 (outside of UK). You can get her email from ringing this number.

    Doesn’t matter wherever in the world you are if you have been scammed by Jarl Moe in the past, more recently or in the distance past it is very important that you send your statement to DC Sandra Nicole ASAP. Together we can make justice works.

  50. Tom

    Jarl has posted this on http://www.financebanter.co.uk


    Hi Everyone!

    I just saw this post by Neil Asher claiming he lost money in Genecor or Purple.
    This is of course not correct, nobody has lost anything. Company is in full operation and anybody that has invested venture capital in the company has received shares in return. In other words you have your investment intact.

    Neil Asher is using you all for his own black mail against my person, making something personal that in fact is a corporate issue. Please not be fooled by one person that is crying “wolf” and actually is sabotaging your own investment. You should secure your company, investment and opportunity for success.

    Anybody that wish to contact the company can do so on the support email that you have received from Purple.

    The company is just about to launch one of the most exciting Forex robots the world has ever seen, and you are part of it! It’s completely clear that you simply has been brain washed by Mr. Asher.

    Decide that that must stop today.

    The company has reported Mr. Asher to the police and is now taking him to court to sue him for damages. Please note that the legal team is also looking at anybody officially supporting the lies of Mr. Asher and such individuals may be included in the claim.

    Maybe it is time to delete misleading posts and support your company and ensure your investment becomes solid.

    Exciting times for you as a share holder that’s for sure, don’t let misleading people like Asher destroy this opportunity for you.

    Just a tip…

  51. Tom

    The following is Neil’s reply to Jarl’s post above.


    Hi all

    Neil Asher here, you can find my site http://www.jarlmoescam.com to learn more about me and the work I have been doing to secure the release of my and the 300+ other investors funds.

    Jarl has made a number of false statements in his post and so I wanted to address those.

    Jarl states “Company is in full operation and anybody that has invested venture capital in the company has received shares in return. In other words you have your investment intact.”

    This is not true. We have documented evidence that shows the company is not in fact trading and indeed jarl has dis banded all his support and staff to prove it (his staff speak to us)

    Jarl States “Neil Asher is using you all for his own black mail against my person”

    Again not true, the legal definition of blackmail is – Blackmail is an act, often a crime, involving unjustified threats to make a gain or cause loss to another unless a demand is met. It may be defined as coercion involving threats of physical harm, threat of criminal prosecution, or threats for the purposes of taking the person’s money or property.

    Nothing I have done has in any way shape or form asked for any of Mr Moes money or property. All myself and the other people who gave Jarl money want, is to have it back.

    It is however clear that Jarl has tried to blackmail those people who have sought to recoup their monies, he has repeatedly said that those that speak out against him have now got black marks against them and will not get their funds back unless they with draw the allegations, this is blackmail by legal definition.

    Jarl states “The company has reported Mr. Asher to the police and is now taking him to court to sue him for damages.”

    This is partly true, Jarl did report me to the police (just after they arrested Jarl) however after speaking with the police they have decided that Jarl has no case against me at all. Further Jarl is not taking me to court, I have not received any papers at all, I welcome the opportunity to see Jarl in court and indeed to talk to Jarl as so far he has not responded to any e-mails or phone calls to explain his behaviour.

    Nor has he responded to the continued attempts of all those who gave money to Jarl for his Forex trading team based in Norway to invest in the forex markets. It is quite clear that there never was such a team of traders and in fact Jarl has simply used the money for other purposes.

    If anyone is reading this I urge you to follow the lead of the other investors and get in touch with me personally, I will happily help you and bring you up to speed on our ongoing case to have jarl arrested and our funds returned.

    Neil Asher

  52. Tom

    Dear Neil,

    I have recently posted a number of items on this site with regards to the latest things that Jarl seems to be up to.. things that I believe Genecor investors would be interested to hear. But whoever moderates this site keeps taking them down, which I don’t think is fair to the many people who use this site as a way to keep in touch with the latest developments in the fight to see justice prevail.

    For example… there is a new video on the Purple Program FX website saying that the software is ready to launch (actually it says it launched in September – not that any of us were informed about this). I personally don’t believe a word of it.. to me its just another one of Jarl’s attempts to try and convince us that Genecor & Purple Program are legitimate businesses. Here is the link (please don’t take it down):


    *Please do however take down the previous posts from ‘Sam’. The ones about the Sydney Opera House and Jimmy Choo shoes – What is that all about?*


  53. Tom

    Andy Harrington.. Darren Winters.. Jarl Moe.. are all essentially con men of one description or another. While there are many others out there.. these three are certainly inextricably linked (Jarl Moe was introduced to me on a Darren Winters WIN Investing course – Andy Harrington was there also).

    All of these characters run so-called ‘Investment Education Companies’ of some kind or another. But essentially these companies are nothing more than aggressive sales & marketing organisations.

    This is a good article from The Guardian from a few months back. Darren Winters’ The Wealth Training Company gets a special mention.


    It would appear that if you want to be a con man millionaire.. there is a simple formula:

    1. Start a “Investing to Success” course.
    2. Hire a hotel suite.
    3. Impart vague, yet plausible sounding knowledge on successful investment strategies.
    4. Collect the money from the suckers in the crowd.
    5. Retire on yacht.

  54. Mohan De Silva

    Jarl moe was running a business called Inner Compass back in 2008. Please read the attached link http://itsquiteanexperience.blogspot.co.uk/2008/05/create-life-you-deserve.html. You can read more about this by Goggling Inner Compass. See the Wealth training company formally Win Investing promoting a speaker.

    It has just come to light last Wednesday 130 people were found dead in an as yet undisclosed meeting room in a prestigious London hotel.
    Police were called to the scene late last Wednesday to find all 130 delegates mysteriously dead in their seats with the seminar leader and organizer nowhere to be seen.
    Police are treating the incident as suspicious and early indications would suggest it was boredom caused by ‘death by powerpoint’
    OK so clearly the above is a fictitious tongue in cheek story however ‘death by powerpoint’ is a condition some speakers induce.
    If you want to avoid boring your audience to death in your online videos or in a live workshop you need to know how to present in a way that is engaging, entertaining AND educational…!
    This Thursday 17th October at 8pm you are invited to attend a special armchair webinar entitled “The Millionaires Motivators Matrix” and delivered by Public Speaking Expert Andy Harrington.
    In this webinar Andy will reveal:
    “How to present in a conversational way so you and the audience relax”
    “How to build your content so you are memorable for all the right reasons”
    “How to bring to life each and every point of wisdom you are sharing”
    “How to be seen as an authority and an expert in your subject”
    “How to engage the hearts and minds of your audience”
    “How to build a presentation that sells your ideas, products or services”
    “How to position yourself, your subject, your audience to have the most impact”
    Andy has shared the stage with Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Seb Coe, Bill Cosby, George Foreman, Larry King, Steve Forbes, Robert Kiyosaki, and Sir Richard Branson.
    This webinar is for you if you are…
    An Online marketer who uses video, Entrepreneur, Coach, Consultant, Seminar Leader, Author, Expert, Manager, or just someone who wants or needs to give presentations online or on stage.
    Register and attend this webinar to find out how to avoid ‘death by powerpoint’ and why Andy’s ‘A’ list clients pay him £20,000 a day to be coached privately.

    This is a Partner Promo from the Wealth Training Company

  55. Mohan De Silva

    Jarl took our money saying he is going to trade them alongside on a Norwegian trading platform with his elite traders who trades for investment banks. Now he is trying to flog us a FOREX robot. Does he think we are a game for his next scam?

    1. Tom

      Mohan.. in light of Jarl’s recent activities (i.e. updating his website jarlmoe.com with photos and tales of famous people he knows and stories of his past business successes, and updating the Purple Program FX website with details on the supposed launch of the trading software, plus talk of sending out official share certificates).. I can only conclude that Jarl is making these efforts so as to make himself and his so-called business ventures appear to be legitimate and credible.

      But why now all of a sudden? Because in about a months time he is due to return to the UK and present himself to the UK Police authorities for further questioning. And I am damn sure all these updates and the like will be presented as part of his defence.

  56. Tom

    The latest from the Purple Program FX website…

    Please be advised that access to the log in for Purple Program shareholders section will open within the end of October 2013 due to the upgrade of the website including the addition and implementation of the shareholders “My Purple Program” page as every shareholder will receive a free copy of the Purple program upon request.

    We are also implementing a separate log in for customers that purchase the product only.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Kind regards,


  57. Mohan De Silva

    I couldn’t agree with you more Tom. Anybody with any brains should be able to see through his lies and deceits and all the money he stole from his 1000s of investors over the years, which amounts to millions. I wonder if some of us can go to the charring cross major crime unit and put our side of the story on the day of his questioning or few days before.

    1. neilasher Post author

      Kristian helgesen has a long history of scams and ponzi scheme in Norway too, as does Jarl, see my info on the tabs above

  58. Tom

    “looks like jarl moe partner is in the heat also”

    Can you give more details on this please? Because Jarl has multiple business partners spanning a number of different ventures.

  59. Donna Philip-Forde

    I was introduced to Jarl Moe at a Win investing seminar. In February 2009 I invested with him.
    I have been trying for months to get in contact with someone as I wanted to withdraw my money.It was great that I was not alone in this scam and I hope we can pull together to get our money back.

  60. Mohan De Silva

    Following the arrest of Jarl Moe on 21st May 2013 for serious fraud, if you have been scammed by Jarl Moe in the past or more recently (through Genecor Holdings or Purple Program FX G10), please send your statement to include how much you hand over to Jarl, the dates, to what bank you send the funds to, to whom you send the funds to, the currency exchange company if used and any paper work you may have received from Jarl’s company/companies to DC Sandra Nicole (lead detective) at Charring Cross Major crime unit Tel. 0207 321 7624 (from UK), 0044 207 321 7624 (outside of UK). You can get her email address from ringing this number.

    Doesn’t matter wherever in the world you are if you have been scammed by Jarl Moe in the past, more recently or in the distance past it is very important that you send your statement to DC Sandra Nicole by 10/11/2013 the latest.

  61. Mohan De Silva

    Jarl Moe trying to look very authentic. Don’t believe a word this guy says. If you give him any money or invest with him on any of his schemes you will have to kiss goodbye to your hard earned money. You will never see it again. I have personal experience and proof to show that this is true. This man is a scammer and is currently on police bail for serious fraud.

    Some of many website he uses to lure people into giving him money, which you will never see again. In sort he is a master scammer.

    He also presents himself as world renowned tax expert, which is also absolute rubbish.


    Following the arrest of Jarl Moe on 21st May 2013 for serious fraud, if you have been scammed by Jarl Moe in the past or more recently (through Genecor Holdings or Purple Program FX G10), please send your statement to include how much you hand over to Jarl, the dates, to what bank you send the funds to, to whom you send the funds to, the currency exchange company if used and any paper work you may have received from Jarl’s company to DC Sandra Nicole (lead detective) at Charring Cross Major crime unit Tel. 0207 321 7589 (from UK), 0044 207 321 7589 (outside of UK). You can get her email address from ringing this number.

    Doesn’t matter wherever in the world you are if you have been scammed by Jarl Moe in the past, more recently or in the distance past it is very important that you send your statement to DC Sandra Nicole ASAP. Together we can put this master scammer behind bars for forever.

    1. neilasher Post author

      Well said Mohan!

      Jarl is on the run from the police he will soon be arrested and brought to justice.

      We will never give up our fight to see justice is done.


    2. Sophia Akuetteh

      Thank you very much Neil.
      I only found about you tonight.
      I will contact Dc Sandra Nicole tomorrow.
      I invested with Jarl Moe through Mark Anastasi.
      Last year I spoke to Mark about my investment and he said he has received all of his money from Jarl as the profit was static.

    1. neilasher Post author

      Hi Virgil

      Jarl is currently on the run from the police.

      He was in Bali the last time we tracked him but he may have moved on since then.

      He did not show up in the UK for his bail hearing and so an arrest warrant has been issued.


  62. Sammy

    As mentioned, I dont know why my post was deleted but it is a known fact in Norway that
    Kristian Helgesen cannot work in Norway as he is bankrupt and has too much outstanding debt to
    the wrong people.

    I believe he is currently in Bali with Jarl Moe working on their new scam Loopium
    Check out http://www.loopium.com

    1. neilasher Post author

      Sorry Sammy your post was not deleted I was just having a break with my family so didn’t approve it

      I read and approve all posts 🙂

      Happy New Year!


  63. new scam

    Thats true Sammy

    They are now in Bali hiding for all the people who wants to get the hold of them.
    But they are working with their new scam Loopium thats true.
    Loopium does not have 1 customer yet, but still Mr Moe and Helgesen, running around to investors saying its worth 50 million pounds, and you have a the chance to invest now, but only for 4 weeks. After that the price its much higher etc etc.
    They claim their working with Saxobank as their partners. I do believe Saxobank would be really interested to hear that.

    1. neilasher Post author

      How lovely for Jarl that he’s dating again, I bet his late wife would love the fact he has told people he has no children when he has 2

      What a scumbag he is


  64. Shamsa Khan

    Hello Neil,
    I had been trying to get hold of anyone on the Purple Program (Lin Crawford used to be my contact) but got NO response on the telephone numbers I had or from the website. I think I kept getting a message that the website was being worked on or something. As I had no other information to go by I didn’t know what else to do.

    So this morning I got a call from a company that used to transfer funds to genecor – soemone called Nanna called me in the past. Today it was Stacy and she was really helpful telling me that Jarl Moe had been arrested for fraud. My heart sank but I wasn’t all that surprised. I had suspected something like this but had hoped it was not the case. I had put in at least £5000. Thank God I didn’t put a lot in. Lin used to tell me how great it was on the occassions I spoke to her. These people are really heartless and have NO SHAME whatsover, stealing people’s pensions of all things.

    I will most definiteley file a fraud report tonight but need to look up details first. I will then send you the case ID so that I can be included in all developments.

    1. neilasher Post author

      Hi Shamsa

      Sorry to hear that Jarl took your money 🙁

      He was arrested as you know and released on Bail he did not turn up for his bail hearing in November though so an international arrest warrant has been issued.

      I’m working closely with interpol Shamsa but I cannot give details on this site as Jarl likes to read it (Hi Jarl you asshole)


  65. Mohan

    Urgent action required by all. A friend has emailed this to me:


    The case against Jarl Moe has reached a critical stage. It seems that after refusing to reappear on bail in London as he was required to do on 26th November last year, police in Sweden are very soon to issue an arrest warrant.

    The following piece appeared on the website of a major Swedish newspaper a few hours ago. Please forward to European newspapers and media. If anyone has connections in the UK press, please send this to them immediately. It’s a powerful scoop and will help bring Moe to justice, as well as help in the return of funds he has stolen from us all.

    Original piece in Swedish

    Google translation (not very clear English)

    1. neilasher Post author

      I have forwarded this to my contacts at the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and Financial Times. I know that they will be VERY interested in this story now as it shows Jarl with Sven.

    1. neilasher Post author

      The net closes in on Jarl moe, I pity his 2 children I am sure they will be fatherless after Jarl is put in jail

  66. Neil Asher

    We’re back!
    Sorry for the site being taken down, Jarl Moe had his lawyers contact my hosting company but after an extensive discussion with my hosting company where we showed them the police reports, arrest warrants and all the evidence that demonstrates that Jarl Moe is a conman they agreed with us an re instated the account :0)

  67. Atle

    I was scammed by Jarl Moe in his Genecore Purple Program. I invested close to 30.000 pounds sterling. I hope he will get what he deserves some day.

  68. Brendan Beamish


    I have been invested with Genecor for the past 5 years. Everything seemed to have gone on the whole, very smoothly until September 2012. At this stage I was expecting to have results of the most recent investment, the so called G10 (as it was to be invested for 10 months), but nothing has become available. I have not had any dialogue to speak of at all – just a telephone line that rings and rings without ever getting answered and an email address that never seemingly generates a response from anyone at Genecor when I email queries.

    I want to know where my money is and why more than 18 months has past since the G10 was meant to mature (with a minimum of 25% return on investment as promised) and as yet I have not heard a peep.

    I certainly do hope that Genecor and Jarl Moe (the owner) have not squandered my money, that it is in a safe place and has grown with at least the minimum growth that has been promised, but I have little faith. The service used to be fantastic. Quick, efficient, complete. Ever since Lin Crawford (the secretary to Jarl Moe) has “gotten involved in another project”, the service and credibility of Genecor has dropped like a stone. For all I know my money that I have invested is gone forever.

    The chronology of my dealings with Genecor are as such:
    26 April 2009 – I attended an event called the Financial Independence Day held by WIN Investing. It was held at their offices at Quartz House, 207 Providence Square, Mill Street, Bermondsey, London, SE1 2EW. Jarl Moe was one of the speakers and introduced his Genecor investment option. For a 300GPB deposit, one could have access to investing in Genecor (a currency trading business) for one year without having to pay the rest of the 2700GBP that was owing for the setting up of an offshore company. This offshore company structure would allow all profits from Genecor to be paid out tax free via the offshore company and would have to be set up within a 12 months. No profits from Genecor could be paid out without an International Business Company having been set up.

    25 May 2009 – I received an email confirmation that 2205EUR had been received by Genecor from myself via an international bank payment. 37EUR bank charges were taken off and therefore 2168EUR was deposited in my Genecor trading account on 1 June 2009.

    20 January 2011 – I received an email confirmation that 3537EUR had arrived into Genecor’s bank account in Cyprus (I sent an international bank payment). After the 37EUR bank charges had been taken off, 3500EUR was paid into my Active Trader account.

    27 January 2011 – I received and email confirmation that an additional 500EUR had been received into Genecor’s bank account (I sent an international bank payment) and that I would not have to pay the 37EUR bank charges. Hence 500EUR was deposited into my Active Trader.

    24 November 2011 – I received an email confirmation that the Auto Trader account money was to be paid over to the Active Trader account and in turn all the Active Trader money was to roll over to the new G10 investment at Genecor (as per my instructions) and stay there for 10 months until it matured with a minimum return on investment of 25%.

    12 September 2012 – Lin Crawford confirmed that the latest information that she had, was that the returns from the G10 were due to be announced at the end of September 2012 / beginning of October 2012.

    2 November 2013 – I received a response from Lin Crawford to emails that I had sent on 18 October 2013, 26 October 2013 and 2 November 2013. She advised me that she was on another project and that all further queries should be directed to support@purpleprogramfx.com. She did mention that she had enquired on my behalf as to when the G10 returns should be out and was told by 10 November 2013.

    30 November 2013 – (Friday) – Sherry Springall of Tax Wizards (the Jarl Moe owned company that sets up the International Business Company) informed me that she would get the management to contact me on that day or on the following Monday. This was on the back of me contacting her in desperation to try and find out if anyone at all knew what was going on with Genecor (Tax Wizards and Genecor share the same building in Larnaca, Cyprus).

    7 February 2013 – I lodged a fraud report at Action Fraud with reference: NFRC130200145783 as I believe that I have I have been the victim of a scam orchestrated by Jarl Moe.

    The impact of this whole fiasco is that I was not been able to spend hardly any time with my girlfriend of 4 and ½ years as I had and have virtually zero spare time, due to having to work two jobs and do between 70 and 80 hours of work a week to try and amass as quickly as possible the savings that I feel I may lose if Genecor reneges on its obligation to pay me out my investment. The result was that my beautiful, understanding and loving girlfriend whom I loved to the end of the earth, called it a day as she could not take living with a vacant boyfriend anymore. I was never, ever at home as I was working ridiculous hours. I tragically sad and I am poor. So at 34 years old, I again find myself living back at my mother’s house. Far from ideal!

    I look forward to Jarl Moe explaining exactly where my 6168EUR is plus all my return on investment, which in total means that I am owed in the region of 10 000EUR (I cannot accurately say as the Genecor website is under repair and hence I cannot log in to establish exactly what my total returns should be).

    Yours faithfully

    Brendan Beamish

  69. James May

    As a consequence of attending a Foreign Exchange Trading scheme presentation given by Jarl Moe in London in 2009, I invested 32,963 Euros in the system that he presented named “Genecor” This was stated to be a computerised trading program used by large London City International Banks and trading Houses that Jarl Moe had obtained permission to use by virtue of the professional services that he had provided to the organisations. Jarl Moe stated that the program had been designed to generate regular monthly returns and that he had tested it over the previous year when it had produced returns of 10-15% per month uncompounded.
    In October 2009, I invested 32,963 Euros in “Genecor” after a lengthy process that involved signing a Venture Capital Agreement amongst various other forms and validation processes all of which were handled and dealt with by Lin Crawford , the office manager, all of which appeared to lend authenticity to the arrangements. The funds were transferred to a Cyprus Bank account in the name of; Genecor Holdings Ltd, Arch Markarios 3rd Avenue, Frixos Court Business Centre, Offices 104 – 105, 6017 Larnaca, Cyprus.

    This was transacted through a nominated organisation by Genecor named Currency Solutions, contact Nana Kipela
    The monthly Returns on Capital were not being posted on the web-site as I was led to believe by Jarl Moe that they would be and after much chasing for this to be done it was eventually shown as a low single digit percentage, which when queried against Jarl Moe’s earlier claims were explained as being due to low critical mass investment that would be improved by leveraging the invested sums in a new system “Purple Program” designed for that purpose.
    I began to be concerned and requested the return of my money, but was informed that the only way that money could be returned to me was for me to set up an International Business Company (IBC) through “Tax Wizards” (Manager Jane Atkinson), one of Jarl Moe’s subsidiary companies. This I did at the cost of over 3,500 Euros and allowed 20,000 Euros of the funds held in the Genecor system to be transferred into the Purple Program, thinking that I would try to gradually extract my funds from both of these entities into the IBC where I would then be able to effect their return to me.
    Despite numerous communications that took place between myself, Lin Crawford and Jarl Moe from 2009 to this time, it became increasingly evident that the whole structure was an elaborate “Ponzi”scheme designed to fraudulently extract money from investors in the system and that Jarl Moe was never going to return the money that had been entrusted to him.
    This whole sorry saga that I have had to endure over the last 3 years has been incredibly stressful and damaging to my health and financial situation and I believe that if Jarl Moe is not brought to justice to account for the crimes that he has perpetrated many more innocent victims will suffer as a consequence.

  70. Peter

    Make no mistake!
    Jarl Moe must be labeled criminal, a con man par excellence. This ‘gentleman’ is extremely convincing and his promises draw any sucker into his sphere – that includes myself, unfortunately. He has nothing but your interest in mind – that is until you wire your money. Then the story changes, the only thing you will receive from him are empty promises, great stories how your ‘investment’ is doing, and eventually it will be more than difficult for you to get any response.
    I am embarrassed to admit that I have invested a 6-digit figure into what was called Purple Program about 5 years ago after an event put on by Mark Anastasi in London. The returns looked juicy and were regularly posted on the Purple Program website. When I wanted to withdraw money in 2011, Lin Crawford (who eventually vanished) got silent, other people in the Genecor Office were getting increasingly embarrassed about the situation and their boss Jarl Moe. I was never paid out a penny. I kept copious details on all communication with Moe and his staff over the last 4 years, full of fake stories and excuses. It is my hope that some of these details will help to recover our money and bring Moe to justice.
    Eventually, the program was rolled over into Purple Program without any plausible explanation to investors, postings of results became sporadic and then ceased altogether. With other words, at this time, Jarl Moe does not even try to keep up the impression that investors could expect their money back. He has long stopped to reply to any e-mail inquiries. Over the last 3 years I have been in contact with plenty of people that are in the same situation, many of them don’t dare to go public. Even former lawyers and family members of Jarl Moe are extremely embarrassed and are now supporting to bring Moe to justice.
    I am a legitimate business person and would not use any means outside the law to recover my investment, but I am more than surprised that Jarl Moe is still roaming the planet, obviously scheming as ever before.

    My appeal to you:
    a) Do NOT fall for any scheme that Jarl Moe and his accomplice put on. NEVER invest.
    b) If you already made the capital mistake and have ‘invested’ with Jarl Moe, then report him to all the authorities possible and support the people running this website as much as possible.

    Your money is at stake!

  71. Mohan De Silva

    I am a another victim of Jarl Moe’s scams

    I have invested in all £30,609.00 in the Gnecore and subsequently in the Purple Program FX (G10) with Jarl Moe and his accomplishes.

    I was introduced to this man by Win Investing in January 2009 in one of their seminars, now they call them self Wealth Training Company (have changed their name). I am willing to pursue any avenue that is available to us to get these men and women behind bars especially (Jarl Moe & Lin Crawford).

    Tax Wizard is a Tax scam and we should mentioned that to the authorities as well to get them shut down and people behind it arrested too. Jarl Moe owns and run Tax Wizard so it cannot be legitimate.

    I am willing to support everybody on this blog all the way to get our money back and get these conman and women behind bars and throw away the keys.

    We must not allow these con artists to get away with our hard earned money, whilst we sweat for our money and them to reap the rewards.

    Make these peoples activities known to many people as you can on the web post their names and what they up to in LinkedIn, Tweeter, face book, YouTube, Motley Fool etc, etc. The more people are aware of them and come forward to the authorities the more chance we have getting them behind bars, and stopping people throwing money at them. The sooner we stop them conning people the sooner his income will dry up and better chance we all have catching him up in the act.

    I have reported Jarl Moe and his accomplishes and their activities/businesses to UK Serious fraud office, FSA and the Interpol.

    Please be aware Jarl More have many businesses under different names that he uses to con money out of his victims.

    If you have been introduced to the thief Jarl Moe through a “Win Investing” seminar, although recently they have changed their name to “Wealth Training Company” Please write to one of their director’s and complain about him. I have written to one of their directors Tatjana – tatjana@wealthtrainingcompany.co.uk. I have had several communications with her and she is saying I am the only one who has complained to them about the thief Jarl Moe. So be sure to complain about him to them and ask them why they have let such a person into their seminars without vetting him so that he can con people. The more people complain to her is the better. When you’re reporting Jarl Moe to the Serious fraud office, FSA and the Interpol etc. don’t forget to mention that you have been introduce to the thief Jarl Moe by “Wealth Training Company”.

    Looking forward to hearing from you all here with the regular updates.

    Let’s work together and make Jarl Moe and people works with him history.

    Here are just 3 of the scams currently been worked at by Jarl Moe & Co.


    Jarl Moe is currently on the run in Barley, Indonesia from the authorities in Europe.

    Jarl more is a con artist of the highest caliber and don’t believe a word he says. If you do you will never see your money again and that’s a fact.

  72. Antoine


    I also lost 30 000 euros with jarl genecor and purple program in 2008. I had very good contact with Lin ….until I started to ask for reibursment of the money back in late 2012…they started by not answering, then said they did not receive my reimbursement request….until i faxed them a proof of delivery.
    Then they said they were under investigation and couldn’t release the money and started to frightened me wth legal comments about not talking to anyone about my investment……then nothing…no replies to emails, no answering calls

    I really hope with the support of all of us we will bring Jarl to Court …and jail!


  73. Steven James

    I have also lost over £15,000 excluding any profits that I was told I had made since 2009. Having tried to contact both Geneor and Taz Wizard regarding the return of my money there has been no communication. They have disappeared and this only leaves me to believe that both these organisations run by Jarl Moe are fraudulent organisations, set-up to prey and steal money from hard working individuals that are just looking for a good return on their investments.

    I’ve raised this with the Action Fraud in the UK on a number of occasions, with the help of Neil Asher this is probably our only hope of getting our money back.

    If you are reading these articles and thinking of investing money with this shark then I would strongly urge you to think twice no matter how good the returns they are promoting, it’s all lies.


  74. Christine Taylor

    Hi I too invested in Genecor after attending a Win Investing Seminar in London in 2009. I initially invested $2000, which was around £1450 at the time. A year or so later I sent my kids savings over too, as i thought it had a better ROI than a Building Society, this was another £1300. A couple of years a go i contacted Lin Crawford to withdraw my money, she put me onto their customer services. Not once did I get a response from them, and then Lin also stopped responding to me. I know in the scheme of things my investment is not much, however it is rather a lot to me and it was all of my kids savings which I had been putting away since they were born. It is the loss of their money which upsets me the most :'(
    I have contacted DC Nicols at Charing Cross Police station. I was asked to go and give my statement but I live a long way from London and asked to give my statement in Leamington but have heard nothing back.

    I will report also to the above mentioned.

    I do know he had been arrested in London last year? But don’t know any more?


    1. neilasher Post author

      Hi Virgil

      We know where Jarl is (Bali) and we are working with the police on Bali as well as acting as an intermediary for the Swiss and British police to have him arrested on Bali. The jails are not nice on Bali.

    1. neilasher Post author

      Kristian Helgesen is a notorious conman from Norway.

      Kristian Helgesen and jarl moe have worked on scams together, ripping off innocent people.

      Kristian Helgesen was living on Bali

    1. Virgil

      But you see he let that domain expire, don’t you?

      He obviously has no intention whatsoever to give any restitution to those from whom he stole so much money.

      Each day this looks more like a lost cause for those of us whom he victimized.

      1. neilasher Post author

        He has stolen all the money, this was a ponzi scheme Virgil. He used our money to fund his lifestyle.

        The police know this and he is a wanted man.

  75. Mohan De Silva

    Hi Virgil,

    The article in Norwegian – http://www.nettavisen.no/na24/jarl-moe-anmeldt-av-sin-egen-familie/5176745.html clearly indicate otherwise. He is lowest of the lowest in life, a master thief, a lire and a con artist of the highest calibre.

    Use Google translate to translate this into English. He even had stolen money from his own family. Norwegian press knows all about it. What a rat with not giving a dam about other people’s hard earned money.

    Clearly he is a man who makes a living by thieving and seems to have made a good carrier from it.

    Everyone – Post as many of those articles all over the internet to let as many people as you can what a thief and a con artist he really is.

  76. Virgil

    What is a narcissistic sociopath?

    A narcissistic sociopath is someone with a combination of narcissistic personality disorder and definitive behavioral signs of sociopathy.
    People with narcissism are characterized by their excessive and persistent need for others’ admiration and positive reinforcement. They generally have grandiose opinions of themselves and believe they are superior to other people. Narcissists are also frequently convinced that they are above the normal responsibilities and obligations of everyday life, so they usually have significant difficulties maintaining employment or relationships as a result.
    The narcissistic sociopath has this type of personality along with a noticeable lack of regard for the rights of others and a tendency to regularly violate those rights.
    Read this to understand what we’re dealing with: A narcissist and sociopath combination


    One noted difference between a narcissistic sociopath and people with narcissism alone is that:

    The narcissist with the sociopathy reacts strongly and sometimes even violently to negative feedback. True sociopaths generally do not respond to criticism or care what others may think of them.
    A narcissistic sociopath is unable to tolerate criticism and needs constant praise, as well as deference from other people. Many with this condition present themselves in the best light possible and are able to easily charm others to gain their trust.

    1. neilasher Post author

      Hi Virgil

      Jarl is a scum bag, he stole money from his family and when his wife was dying spent most of his time partying in cyprus.

      You can see a translation of that article here

      Jarl Moe Scam

      He will get what he deserves.


  77. Mohan De Silva

    Hi Virgil.

    Jarl Moe is a Wako Siko it is quite apparent and we are all aware of this. He has no place in society living amongst descent honest people. He is a thief, lire and a con artist. It’s simple as that. No amount of his writing on the internet to mask these facts not going to change anything. He is only conning himself and no one else.

    1. Virgil

      Well Mohan, he conned all of us, and so far is getting away with it, isn’t he?

      Jarl, I know you read these posts and I’m sure it’s wonderful bedtime reading for you.

      1. Neil Asher

        Hi Virgil,

        We’re still working on this, we don’t post updates as Jarl reads this too Virgil

        That would not make sense to tip Jarl off

        Get in touch by email


        1. Helen

          Hi Neil, I also lost some investment money with Genecor. I have just picked up this site and wondering what progress you are making. Can I support?

  78. Mohan De Silva

    Jarl Moe currently believe to be operating out of Barley, Indonesia. He sometimes also operating out of Middle East and Far East is after your life savings. Few years ago his base was in Cyprus. Do not believe a word this guy says He loves you to hand your money over to him and if you hand over any money to him you will never see it again. Read all about how he gets 1000s of people to hand their money to him. He was and still is at this for years. Read this blog first and then read this link –


  79. Mohan De Silva

    Nanofixit scam demo by Jarl Moe – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0DexylGrp4
    Just bought a bottle of liquid of someone else’s technology and started a scam to get money off people. Remember the Johnson Oil scam run by Jarl Moe.?

    The new scam is operating out of Manila, Philippines by Jarl Moe and his cronies.

  80. Nav

    Hi Neil,

    What’s your email address to get in touch? Can you please drop me a line on my email address?



  81. Mohan De Silva

    If you have come across Jarl Moe recently in one of his seminars or any of his schemes we‘re interested to know where and when you come across him? Put an entry on this post to let us know please.

  82. Mohan De Silva

    Here’s how Jar lMoe spends your hard earned money -http://t.co/oSgeCrCS3L
    This guy has no regards to others money. He will spend it as his own.

  83. John

    Can I have an update on the three investigations (FSA, City of London police, Interpol) you mentioned into this scam please ? Has any court action been taken, or timetabled to take place ?

  84. Mohan De Silva

    Jarl Moe Louring more victims into his Ponzi scheme The Tax Wizard scam promising he will save your on your tax bill but, of course they are all lies to lure you into getting all of your money that you will never see again.

    Don’t give any money or trust a word this thief says or do.


  85. Mohan De Silva

    Jarl Moe is no tax expert. Only thing he will relieve you of is your money never to be seen again. Do not trust or give any money to this man. Check out his website which is full of bull shit. I am telling you this from my personal experience in dealing with him.


  86. Mohan De Silva

    Jarl Moe stole money from his dying wife’s family and partied whilst she was in hospital with the money he got from his victims.

    Here he is trying to restart his scam again – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/jarl-moe-shit-happens-jarl-moe

    This is the kind of man who is trying to save you money on your tax bills?

    If you give him any money you will never save any money on your tax bill but, may end up giving him all of your money.


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